Teeth Whitening

Up to 6 shades lighter in just 60 minutes !

Say Goodbye to Yellow Teeth!

Are you afraid of smiling because you don’t like the shade of your teeth? Are you sick and tired of over-the-counter whitening products that just don’t work?

At Diamond Dental Centre, you can achieve up to 6 shades whiter teeth in as little as 60 minutes. Pola’s professional tooth whitening system works 33% faster than other whitening products on the market, without the sensitivity.

Bright Smiles for Every Lifestyle

At Diamond Dental Centre we offer a variety of whitening products in different strengths to suit all budgets and lifestyles.

Achieve whiter teeth in the comfort of your home with our Take-Home Kit. With 9.5% PolaDay gel and custom-made whitening trays, you can achieve amazing results in just 30 minutes a day over 2 weeks. As long as your bite does not shift, you can expect to use your custom trays for many years to come.

If you are a busy person and or want instant results, we recommend the PolaOffice+ In-Chair whitening, the world’s fastest working bleach. In only 60 minutes, you can achieve up to 6 shades lighter teeth, a perfect option for weddings, holidays or special events!

Powerful, but safe

  • Australian owned and manufactured
  • Contains fluoride that remineralises your teeth, reducing sensitivity
  • Custom-made trays are thin, comfortable to wear, and reusable for up to many years
  • High water content formulation and neutral pH to protect gums and teeth
  • Provides real results up to 6 shades lighter

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