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What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is the procedure whereby an infected or inflamed nerve is removed from a tooth. This is often needed when trauma or tooth decay has damaged the nerve of a tooth. It is a highly effective way of treating and saving a tooth that would otherwise be extracted.

What happens during a root canal?

The treatment is usually completed over three visits with the goal to have all infected and inflamed nerve tissue removed. The root canal system is disinfected with irrigation solutions and medication, shaped with thin files and then sealed with a rubber root canal filling.
Following RCT, the tooth loses all of its natural hydration from the nerve and blood vessels and becomes very brittle, meaning that the tooth will require a porcelain crown.
All treatments are performed under local anaesthetic and using state-of-the-art equipment and up-to-date techniques, minimizing pain or discomfort.

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